Say goodbye to pesky house flies with these effective tips

how to get rid of house flies

how to get rid of house flies

Keep your home clean

Keeping your home clean is the first step to getting rid of house flies. House flies are attracted to dirty and unhygienic environments where they can find food sources. Make sure to regularly clean your kitchen, dining area, and other areas where food is prepared and consumed. Wipe down surfaces, clean up spills, and store food properly to minimize attractants for house flies. Additionally, regularly empty your trash bins and keep them securely covered to prevent flies from breeding and feeding on organic waste.

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Eliminate breeding sites

House flies often breed in moist and decaying organic matter. To reduce the fly population in your home, identify and eliminate potential breeding sites. Inspect your garbage cans, compost bins, and drains for any build-up of organic materials that may attract flies. Regularly clean and maintain these areas to minimize fly infestations. Additionally, ensure that screens on windows and doors are intact and free from any openings that flies can use for entry.

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Use fly traps and repellents

Fly traps and repellents can be effective tools to get rid of house flies. Place sticky fly traps near windows or other areas where flies are commonly found. These traps attract flies and trap them, preventing them from flying around your home. Fly repellents can also be used to create a barrier that deters flies from entering your living spaces. Consider using natural repellents such as citronella or essential oils, or opt for commercial fly repellent sprays.

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Remember, persistent house fly problems may require professional pest control services. If you’ve tried these methods and the infestation persists, contact a local pest control company to assess the situation and provide appropriate treatment options.

Key points:
– Keep your home clean to eliminate food sources for house flies.
– Identify and eliminate potential breeding sites to reduce fly population.
– Use fly traps and repellents as additional measures to get rid of house flies.
– Consider professional pest control if the infestation persists i.e., House Flies.